Articles by Mark Peters and Others

The following articles contain useful business strategy information.

MBA Overview
Successful companies understand that their competitiveness depends on the performance of their people and not only their product, and are sending people on MBA programmes to fast-track them into leadership positions. Read Article
New Rules of the Game
In recent years, we have seen the disappearance of an increasing number of companies that had become household names, either through bankruptcy, through acquisition or the company actually being “broken up” into its component parts and/or “sold off” Read Article
Virtual Marketing
Increasingly the growth and the prominence of e-commerce is providing additional challenges for organisations and particular for the ‘function’ of marketing. Read Article
Manchester United Success Story
The Graduate Institute of Management and Technology (GIMT), and leading computer company Compaq, recently hosted a breakfast where well-known English consultant and business school lecturer, Rakesh Sondhi, talked in detail about  strategy lessons we can learn from sport. Read Article
Issues facing Project Management
Project management is still considered to be a relatively new management discipline.  The genesis of the modern management approach is traced to military projects in The United States in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Read Article
Transformation of Business Schools
The Pressure for better management performance in organizations has never been greater. South African businesses now demand a greater range of skills levels and capabilities from their managers Read Article