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Building Agility, Resilience and Performance in Turbulent Environments - Joseph McCann, Jacksonville University; John Selsky, University of South Florida Polytechnic; James Lee, The University of Tampa
Organizations must build agility and resiliency to perform effectively in turbulent environments. Read Article
The Future of Jobs - World Economic Forum (Executive Summary)
Employment, Skills and Workforce Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Executive Summary. Read Article
The Future of Jobs - World Economic Forum (Detailed Report)
Employment, Skills and Workforce Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Detailed Report. Read Article
Focused on Foresight - Interview with Intelligence Officer
Focused on foresight: An interview with the US’s national intelligence officer for warning. Kenneth Knight shares lessons from a career spent analyzing and preparing for the unknown. Read Article
Early Warning System - Alessandro Comai and Joaquin Tena - 2007
One of the main purposes of any competitive intelligence (CI) function should be anticipating changes in the environment. Any decisions based on good intelligence should take into consideration the changes that the CI process has detected. Read Article
Getting Into Your Competitor's Head
To anticipate the moves of your rivals, you must understand how their strategists and decision makers think. In bleak times and fair, the success of a company’s strategy often depends greatly on the strategies of its competitors.
Read Article
Drotter - Building leaders at every level
Over the past several years, the swift, and most often forced, departures of CEOs have become commonplace at companies in North America, Europe and Japan. Among those affected are Xerox, Lucent, JC Penney, Gillette, Texaco and Nissan. Read Article
How Business Schools lost their way
Too focused on "Scientific Research", business schools are hiring professors with limited real-world experience and graduating students who are ill-equipped to wrangle with complex, unquantifiable issues - in otherwords, the stuff of management. Read Article
Harvard Business Review - The Making of A Corporate Athlete
Some executives thrive under pressure. Others wilt. Is the reason all in their heads? Hardly. Sustained high achievement demands physical and emotional strength as well as a sharp intellect. Read Article
How Companies Respond To COMPETITORS
Companies don't react to competitive threats in the way management theory says they should, according to a McKinsey Global Survey. Instead of undertaking extensive, sophisticated analyses when faced with a copetitive threat, most companies assess just a few responses, and they often choose the most obvious one. Read Article